Fugazi : Chocolate Cake
Abhinanda :  Punkgryta - Punk Casserole
The Grown Ups : Reg's Indonesian Veg Curry
The Redneck Manifesto : Coldcannon
Jackbeast: Basetti's Tabbouleh Salad
Wat Tyler : Micks Green Balls in Spicy Sauce
Therapy? : Innocent Eggs
NOFX : Gazpacho

Eggy Bread Niall - Vicarious Living
Banana Kebabs I am The Waltons
Tempeh Rolls Membranes
Mint Chick Peas Mexican Pets
Tasty Gourmet Punk Rock Baked Beans Pleasure Cell
1-2-X-U Calcium Shake Pleasure Cell
Potato Pakoras Killercrust
Macaroni + Not Cheese Vandals
Magnificent Seven Pasta Salad Angus
Bananacado Keltic Konviction
Banana Bread Niall
Thai Potatoes SMH
Chocolate Cake Fugazi
Dukkah Lawnmowers
Viennese Vanilla Crescents Miriam
Bread Sandwich Flying Kidney
Exotic Fruit Salad With Syrup Belfast Gig Collective
Innocent Eggs Therapy?
Reg's Indonesian Veg Curry Grown-Ups
Tomato + red Pepper Soup Pleasure Cell
Lentil's With Apple + Spinach Mick Wheeler
Green Lentils In Coriander + Coconut Milk Suburban Rebels
Paella Mick Wheeler
Tofu + Red Peppers in Szechuan Style Marianne Hofstetter
Nut Burgers Maureen Saru
Thai Yellow Pumpkin + Green Bean Curry Belfast Gig Collective
Pear And Cardoman Cake Belfast Gig Collective
Violent Pizza Violent Phobia
Grassy Noel's Minty Hommous Ac temple
Twin Towers Tacos Hot Water Music, Jessica Mills
Root Vegetable Soup With Greens The Keatons
Rice Pilau with Peanut Sauce Warzone
Warm Salad of Poached Pears, Walnut + Rocket Tension
Vegan Dinner Burrito Jam Jar Jail
Gazpacho NOFX
Shepards Pie Mexican Pets
Bean + Vegetable Stew World Of Drums
Borsch Soup Pet Lamb
Tomato celery & Apple Soup Pleasure Cell
Coconut Curry With Zucchine + Potatoes Marianne Hofstetter
Roast Peppers With Fennel I am The Waltons
Survivors Pie Sons Of Ishmael
Carrot Tart Slum Turkeys
Roasted Aubergines Pitchshifter
Mixed Veg Noodles The Ex
Ginger Tofu Dog Day
Smoked Tomato Pate Phoenix B+B
Halva Cream Phoenix B+B
Stuffed Onions Onion Breath
Evil Spinach Potato Cake Warzone
Vegan Cheezey Sauce Warzone
Vegan Cheezy Pasta Ryan Murphy
Uncle Bens Scrambled Tofu Thatcher On Acid
Veg Kebabs Chumbawamba
Tahini Stir Fry Fat Day
Spinach & Cauliflower Bhaji Steam Pig
Cuban Mojito Crossbreed
Lentil Soup, Italian Sty;e MDC
Fruit Cake Heavenly
Apple Pecan Coffee Cake Niall, Hope Promotions
3 bean Curry Clodagh, Hope Collective
Artichoke Casserole With Pine Nuts Long Fin Killie
Spicy Plum, Pear And Ginger Crumble Crane
Guacamole Jawbreaker
Dreamy Donkey Dhal Donkey
Vegetable Curry Downcast
Dunce Crumble Wendy/Leagues
Chili Beans Holemasters
Butterbean + Nut Casserole Cornershop
Brazil Nut Roast en Croute Ita West, Cussens Cottage
Scrambled Tofu Down By Law
Potato Cubers Brawl
Baked Swede Niall, Hope Promotions
In Motion Curry IN Motion
Tomato + Orange Soup Gary Ciunas
Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Frosting Niall, Hope Promotions
Gingered Carrot Soup Revenge Of The Carrots
Paprikash Warzone
Pasta Salad Gan
Corn Bread Lungfish
Leafy Root Soup Victims Family
Cashew Nut Roast With Apricot Stuffing Sinch
Chili non Carne Bis
Lonely Planet Girl Muffins Team Dresch
Pot Noodles Lithium Joe
Leek & Potato casserole Aoife, Hope Collective
Stir Fry Noodles Ebola
Baked Potato Frankie Stubbs
Cheapskate Stew Cheapskate
Basetti's Tabbouleh Salad Jackbeast
Vegan Tapenade Crane
Tobi's Carrot Salad Bikini Kill
Red Hot Spaghetti Citizen Fish
Torta Frita / Fry Bread Los Crudos
Kung Fu Ramen Drop Dead
Liberation Beans Stomach
Fried Rice ala Jamie Brooder
Bulghar With Veg Anthony, Hope Collective
Vegetable Vindaloo Rob, Kito
Apple Crumble w/ Nut Cream Hunt sabs
Spinach, Sesame, Pineapple & Smoked Tofu Puget Sound
Healthy Stir Fry Holochrist
Power Smoothies Sparkmarker
Spicy Lentil Dhal Tetsuo
Veggie Nachos Bloco Vomit
Micks Green Balls in Spicy Sauce Wat Tyler
Veggie Lasagne Neckweed
Hal Al Lasagne Hal Al Shedad
Fat Free Salsa Risotto Thing Wat Tyler
Tasty Mamas pasta Blackbelt Jones
Tractor Punk Cury Cheapskate
Ebullition Soup Kent McClard Ebullition
Pasta + Chickpeas, Secret Sauce Slum Turkeys
Rock Cakes Kabinboy
Spinach And Ginger Bowel Loosener Joan Of Arse
Vegetable Casserole Vanilla Pod
Winter Vegetable Soup Ogre
Tahini Banana Toast Fat Day
Maple Sweet Potato Pudding Fat Day
Beans & Chips Wat Tyler
Punkgryta - Punk Casserole Abhinanda
Punk Rock Eggplant Astream
Bolognese Null set
Tofu Pie Thingy Vique simba
Garlic Beans on toast John Holmes
Colcannon Redneck Manifesto
Los Vaqueros De La Calle Vegan Buritos Farewell Bend
Vegan Satay Month Of Birthdays    
Beef Stew Sir Killalot    
Pizza Al Syndacalisto Astream    
Veg Curry Estel    
Chickpea Curry Estel    
Hussive Mix Chili Bean Bambi
Red Stuff Norvics    
Tofu Toastie Joan Of Arse