Fugazi : Chocolate Cake

Abhinanda :  Punkgryta - Punk Casserole

The Grown Ups : Reg's Indonesian Veg Curry

The Redneck Manifesto : Colcannon

Jackbeast: Basetti's Tabbouleh Salad

Wat Tyler : Micks Green Balls in Spicy Sauce

Therapy? : Innocent Eggs

NOFX : Gazpacho



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A Statement Is A Weapon In An Empty Hand




A compilation 12" from 1992 with 4 of the leading independent bands of the day. Mexican Pets, Wheel and In Motion all have one track on it while Ciunas have 2. Members of these bands have since gone on to play in luminaries such as The Last Post, The Great Western Squares, Tension & Dot Creek.



Document: A Story Of Hope




The book is 2 books in one - vegan cook book and story of punk rock/hardcore in Dublin between 1987 – 1999. It has 160 pages and features over 150 recipes.

The recipes were contributed by bands who came over to Ireland to play gigs, helped by Hope Promotions/Collective.

Document currently out of print Now published in North America as Please Feed Me by Soft Skull Press

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